Technology transfer methods

Checklist for creating impact

Learn the generic steps that have been identified for creating an impact

Choosing partners

Partnerships are critical to success in any endeavor, especially in agricultural research and extension projects

Conducting field demonstrations

Raise farmer awareness about new options and possibilities: conduct field demonstrations

Conflict resolution

Learn the five steps to conflict resolution and manage disputes

Creating extension materials

Know the factors to consider in crafting extension materials that are targetted to audiences to certainly motivate change

Domains for testing or upscaling technology options

Guarantee suitability of recommendations with environmental and socio-economic conditions

Facilitating groups

Easen things up for farmers that they may all express their ideas

Facilitating technology transfer

Make technology transfer happen by consulting both traditional and alternate models

How to build consensus

Develop a shared understanding and agreement on matters that matter

Making brochures and bulletins

Craft targetted and more effective promotional materials

Making posters

Do not only present information but stimulate discussion with posters

Needs and opportunity assessment (NOA)

Get a quick help on how to diagnose farmers' needs through NOA

Persuasive writing

Convince more effectively by learning how to do things right

Running effective meetings

Convince more effectively by learning how to do things right

Running farmer-led demonstrations: The farm walk

Farm Walk is a field demonstration established by farmers, and led by farmers for other farmers. This fact sheet will help you learn to establish and conduct a farm walk

Technologies: economic and other considerations

Know how to evaluate technologies and whether they may be attractive to farmers

Test strips

The strip plots are useful tools during field days for demonstrating “new” options for farmers

The Three Roles of Rice Research in Development

Discover the importance of rice research in the pursuit of development