Guidelines for storage hygiene

Good hygiene in the grain store or storage depot is important in maintaining grain and seed quality. To maintain good hygiene in storage:

  • Keep storage areas clean. This means sweeping the floor, removing cobwebs and dust, and collecting and removing any grain spills.
  • Clean storage rooms after they are emptied and this may include spraying walls, crevices and wooden pallets with an insecticide before using them again.
  • Placing rat-traps and barriers in drying and storage areas. Cats deter and help control rats and mice.
  • Inspect storage room regularly to keep it vermin proof.
  • Inspect the stored seeds once a week for signs of insect infestation. When necessary and only under the direction of a trained pest control technician, the storage room or the seed stock may be sealed with tarpaulin and treated with fumigants.