Troubleshooting a rice thresher




Poor threshing

Low cylinder speed

Increase engine speed.  For proper threshing drum speed see Table 1.

Cylinder drive belt slipping

If the pulley is warm immediately after stopping, the belt is slipping.  Adjust belt tension.

Worn pegteeth

Rotate teeth half turn or build-up by welding or interchange or replace with new pegs.

Defective engine

Service or replace engine.

Hard threshing variety

Use stripper bars.

Too much broken straw on oscillating screen

Over threshing

Remove stripper bars.  If problem remains, remove some peg-teeth from cylinder.

High engine speed

Reduce engine speed.

Grain being blown over the wind-board

Low wind-board inclination

Increase wind-board angle

Wide blower shutter opening

Reduce blower shutter opening.

High blower speed

Reduce engine speed.

Threshing cylinder stops


Open cover and rotate cylinder in reverse by hand and remove clogged materials.  (Warning:  Ground engine spark plug).

Loose or damaged belt

Check for damaged belt or idler defect.  Change if necessary.

Loose or damaged belt

Check for damaged belt or idler defect.   Change if necessary.

Loose or damaged pulley

Check drive and driven pulley for defects, loose or lost screws.

Abnormal metallic chattering sound

Broken peg-teeth or loose straw-thrower bolts

Inspect cylinder and remove any obstructions found.

Engine trouble

Refer to the engine manual


Machine stalls

Threshing cylinder clogged with straw

Remove clogged material after stopping engine.  Reduce feed rate, especially when threshing wet paddy.

Spark plug accidentally shorted with straw.

Remove straw and make sure straw is being thrown in same direction  as prevailing wind.