Guidelines on using mechanical dryers

The following are general recommendations for using mechanical grain dryers:

  • When installing a dryer
    Select the model carefully considering the technical requirements, economical feasibility and the volumes of paddy to be dried.
  • Get familiar with the operation of the dryer and try to understand the drying process. Insist on proper training to be provided by the manufacturer.
  • Before loading the dryer
    Clean the grain by removing fines and green, immature grains and materials other than grain. Fines reduce the airflow through rice causing increased drying time and wet spots. Green, immature grains and straw extend drying time and increased energy consumption.
  • In the dryer
    Do not mix dry with wet paddy. The drying air gains moisture as it passes through the dryer and may cause the dry grains to fissure.
  • Monitor the drying air temperature, especially when drying seeds, to avoid heat stress that can cause cracking and to ensure the viability of the seeds.
  • Monitor the moisture content and stop the drying process at the desired MC. Too high moisture content lead to qualitative losses and to discounted prices for wet paddy. Too low MC results in monetary losses because of unnecessary weight loss.