Pests and diseases management

Rats (2)

Rat management is critical before the breeding cycle, otherwise, the population can explode and yields will be greatly reduced

Diseases (19)

Disease damage to rice can greatly reduce yield. They are mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Planting a resistant variety is the simplest and, often, the most cost effective management for diseases

Insects (24)

There are over 100 species of insect pests to rice around the world but only about 20 species can cause economic damage. The recommended control of insect pests is to develop and follow an Integrated Pest Management plan

Weeds (17)

More weeds equals less profit. Prevent yield loss due to proliferation of weeds by learning how to manage them

Nematodes (1)

Protect the field by nematodes infestation by taking preventive or curative measures before it results to damage



Out of more than 70 species of bird found in rice fields, only five species in the Philippines (and about 14 in Southeast Asia) are known to feed on rice



Golden apple snails eat young rice plants and they cut the rice stem at the base, destroying the whole plant