Management of other crop problems

Seed quality (7)

Seed quality is the summation of the factors that contribute to seed growth. Know more about seed quality and the factors that affect it

Land preparation (6)

Land preparation fact sheets related to management problems that will ensure rice field is ready for planting

Weather/climate (4)

There is no need to take chances. In these fact sheets, you will learn how to manage crops in spite of unfavorable weather and climate conditions

Crop too dense

Dense planting of crops results in poor crop stand and competition of nutrients from the soil

Direct seeding

Direct seeded plants can have problems in lodging, weeds, and uneven growth

Flooding or submergence

Flooded fields lead to abnormal plant growth. It limits oxygen and sunlight, thus limiting the plants' food

Seed Rate (High)

When seeding rate is high, plant count is high and crop stand becomes too dense

Seed rate (Too low)

When seeding rate is too low, plants have low crop stand, low ground cover, and they experience greater weed pressure

Seed too deep

When seeds are planted too deep, plants have poor growth, poor emergence, low vigor, and low crop stand

Seeder clogged

When the drill or drum seeder used is clogged, no seeds can come out; thus, no plants will grow