Presentation skills checklist

What are presentation skills?

Good presentation skills are an extension of good communication skills. Communication is a two-way process: the message has to be delivered clearly but the process is only complete when you are confident that your message has been received successfully and understood well.

What separates good presentations from bad?

Giving a good presentation is easy... provided you know the characteristics that separate a good presentation from bad. Compare and contrast these characteristics using the table below:




pres checklistWhat are the components of a good presentation?

A presentation can be divided into three parts, each with its own set of questions you should ask yourself and answer prior to the presentation date:

I.     Introduction

  • How will you create rapport with your audience?
  • How will you grab your audience's attention? Will you use a quote, picture, fact, or story?
  • What is the purpose of your presentation and how will you state this clearly at the beginning of your talk so your audience knows what’s in store for them?

II.    Main body of presentation

  • What is the logical sequence for the topics you want to cover and can you develop a road map or story to help the audience navigate the presentation with you?
  • What are the 3-5 key points you want to deliver and how will you use data or illustrations to support transmitting these points to your audience?
  • How will you recap your points? And then make the transition to the next section of the presentation?

II.   Summary

  • Summarize all key points.
  • Inspire the audience to act on the information you’ve provided them.
Prepared with input from: AD Atkinson, MA Bell, and J Lapitan