Field cricket

Euscyrtus concinnus (de Haan)

What it does

field-cricketCrickets, also called gryllids, feed on leaves by making irregular to longitudinal exit holes. They also feed on stems, seeds, and on young panicles of the rice plant. When feeding damage is excessive, they can cause deadheart.

Why and where it occurs

Crickets are both leaf- and stem-feeding insects. They are active at night, and their nymphs are more destructive than the adults. They are common in the irrigated rice environment. In upland environment, the insects are found underneath heaps of weed piles.

Presence of piles of weeds attracts the insect pest. Alternate hosts also support continuous presence of the insect pest in rice environment.

How to identify

Check for the presence of insect.

Eggs are elongate-ovoid shaped and white to orange in color. Nymphs are pale brown.

Check for feeding on the rice plants, specifically:

  • irregular to longitudinal exit holes
  • cutting of central portions of the leaf blades leaving only the midrib
  • deadheart

Why is it important

Crickets can be numerous and can totally infest the crop, especially the young rice panicles.

How to manage

There are no known control practices for this insect.

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