module4 Nitrogen Transformations
objective Provide basic information about nitrogen and its processes in the submerged rice environment.

Introduction Nitrogen is an essential nutrient taken up in large amounts by rice. Most rice paddies receive more nitrogen than any other nutrient. There are several nitrogen processes which can result in a loss of applied nitrogen from the rice paddy. This is a loss of investment for the farmer and potentially harmful to the environment.

Overview The lessons of this module provide the user with some basic information about nitrogen, its forms, and its processes. The first two lessons give a general overview while the remaining five focus on nitrogen processes.

Questions in mod 4 Following are examples of questions addressed in module 4. 
• How does nitrogen in organic material become available to the rice plant?
• What processes cause nitrogen applied as fertilizer to be lost in the atmosphere?
• How can rice plants use the plentiful supply of dinitrogen gas in the atmosphere?

Goal of Mod 4 After completing this module, you should be familiar with common forms of nitrogen in the submerged rice environment as well as the processes which cause nitrogen to change from one form to another.

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