Submerged Soils for Rice Production

Have you ever thought about the soil beneath your feet?  It is full of living organisms and the nutrients they need to survive.  The nutrients we consume each day also come directly or indirectly from soil.

Consider rice.  It feeds more people globally than any other crop.  Unlike nearly all other crops, it grows in soil submerged under a layer of water for part or most of its growth cycle.  Why is rice produced this way?  What happens in soil when it’s submerged for periods of time?

This training course has been prepared to help students, perhaps like you, to answer questions like these.  The modules in this course provide an overview of what happens when soil and the nutrients it contains are covered with water.

Go through this course systematically or select modules and lessons which are applicable for you.  These lessons have been written with students and instructors in mind.  Use them to complement learning materials or as a supplementary teaching tool.

Each module contains 5 to 7 short interactive lessons with a learning assessment at the end.  Each module has a downloadable powerpoint and pdf file which can be used for teaching or studying.  Additional references are included as links within the lessons or as downloadable files in the left column.

If you are ready to start, select the desired module and lesson from the menu at left or click on the 'Next' button to go to the introduction for Module 1.