module_02 Carbon Transformations and Organic Matter
lesson_01 What forms of carbon are found when rice is produced in submerged soil?
objective Be able to discuss the carbon forms and processes affecting their transition in a rice field.

Carbon forms Carbon exists all around us in multitudes of forms. The diagram below shows examples of carbon forms that can be found in a submerged rice paddy. Click the carbon dioxide symbol to begin.

Crop growth Photosynthesis and respiration provide carbohydrates and energy for cell specialization and growth.  As a result, plants develop diverse carbon compounds ranging from simple sugars and starches, to proteins, waxes and highly structured lignins.

Decomposition of carbon compounds

When a plant dies, the carbon compounds developed during growth are broken down by organisms and microorganisms through decomposition.  Carbon compounds decompose at different rates as shown in the diagram below.   Roll over the compounds in the diagram below to view additional information about them.


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