module_02 Carbon Transformations and Organic Matter
lesson_01 Why is carbon important to us?
objective Identify some important functions of carbon in life around us

Carbon facts Have you ever considered how significant carbon is to the world around you…or within you?  Roll over the boxes to pick up some interesting carbon facts.

Carbon facts Carbon cycles through the land, water, air, and living organisms by many different processes and changes from one chemical compound to another. The simplified carbon cycle diagram shows three processes vital to plant and animal life. Roll over the three processes in the diagram to see information about them.

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The next lesson will cover different forms of carbon found in the submerged rice field.

Additional References

Below are links to websites containing more information about the topics in this lesson:

Carbon cycle - provides a more detailed carbon cycle diagram

Photosynthesis and Carbon cycle - contains a short video showing carbon captured through photosynthesis at different months of the year on a global scale