module3 Carbon Transformations and Organic Matter
objective Explain how the carbon processes for rice production in submerged soil differ from most other crops.

Overview Carbon and its processes are essential to life and to our understanding of agricultural production. They also play a direct role in our changing global climate.

The lessons of Module 3 aim to review the important forms and functions of carbon in life around us. They will also highlight the unique carbon processes taking place in the submerged soil where rice is mostly grown.

Questions from Mod3 Following are some of the questions highlighted in Module 3:
• How does organic material become organic matter?
• How do the products of decomposition differ in aerobic versus anaerobic environments?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding organic materials?

Goal of Mod 3

By completing this module, you will be more familiar with carbon forms and processes as they relate to rice production in submerged soils.

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