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The Disease:  KERNEL SMUT
Tilletia barclayana (Bref.) Sacc. and Syd. (Duran and Fischer 1961)

Etymology: after Tillet and Barclay, plant pathologists
Takahashi and Anderson reported kernel smut in Japan and the USA in 1896 and 1899, respectively. It is now known in almost all rice-growing countries.

Kernel smut is seed-transmitted. It may reduce grain quality if incidence is high. Most rice-importing countries exclude seeds infected with kernel smut or demand that seeds be properly treated before shipment.
image 16aThe disease can be detected in the field only at panicle maturity. Minute carbon black pustules or dots can be seen on the glumes. In severe infections, rupturing glumes show beaklike outgrowths. When smut ball burst, spores lodge on health spikelets and leaves. The black spores can be seen in the field.
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