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TRANSFER of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Welcome Transfer of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture is a self-study guide designed to help researchers better understand the intellectual property rights and phytosanitary issues involved when moving rice germplasm to or from IRRI. It aims to avoid breaches of legislation when PGRFA is exchanged.

Modules The guide contains the following modules:
  • Procedures for moving rice PGRFA
  • Intellectual Property Rights and PGRFA Exchange
  • Importance of Seed Health in PGRFA Exchange
The modules can be studied independently and in any order.

Procedures for moving PGRFA is a set of steps that you must follow to ensure problem-free movement of rice plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. This module deals ONLY with cases where PGRFA movement involves a transfer of intellectual property rights. Intellectual Property Rights and PGRFA movement and Importance of Seed Health in PGRFA movement are information-based. They provide some basic background information on intellectual property and phytosanitary issues.

If you want to send, bring or receive rice PGRFA to or from IRRI, you MUST study Procedures for moving rice PGRFA.

The course on CD
You can request CD copies of this course if you do not have good Internet access. Write to:
International Rice Research Institute
Training Center
Metro Manila


Terminology In this course, the terms "PGRFA", "plant genetic resources for food and agriculture" and "germplasm" are used synonymously.

Technical requirements Recommended System Requirements:
System Memory: 1GB
Disk Space: 700mb
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Version 3 or higher
Plug-ins: Macromedia Flash Player 8 or higher
Some pages have audio files attached. It is recommended that you turn on your speaker or have a headset on.

To begin the course, click one of the links on the Main Menu OR click below to go to Procedures for moving PGRFA.



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