Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Planning and management of seed production btn_backbtn_forward
Seed legislation
To be aware of the Seed Acts and Rules of a country.
Some common Seed Acts and Rules followed in Bangladesh National Seed Board (NSB): The government shall constitute a “National Seed Board” to advise the government. The Secretary of the government, Ministry of Agriculture, shall chair the NSB, with 15 members to be appointed by the government, one of whom shall be elected as secretary.

Power to specify the standards of seed quality: After consultation with the board, the government may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify:

  1. the standard regarding germination percentage, purity percentage, moisture content, and such other components of seed quality with respect to any notified kind or variety; and
  2. mark or label to indicate that such seeds conform to the standard.

Seed Certification Agency: The government may establish a Seed Certification Agency (SCA) to carry out the functions.

Grant of a certificate by the certification agency: Any person can apply to the certification agency for a certificate to sell, offering to sell, or keep seeds of any notified variety; and the agency may supply it if the seeds satisfy the minimum limit of germination and purity as specified.

Revocation of certificate: The Seed Certification Agency may cancel the certificate if the certificate holder fails to comply  with the conditions or obtained it through misrepresentation.

Seed Analyst: The government may appoint a seed analyst and define the area within which such an appointee shall exercise his jurisdiction.

Seed Inspector: The government may appoint a seed inspector and define the area within which such an appointee shall exercise his jurisdiction.

to be followed
by seed
Whenever a seed inspector intends to take a sample of any seed, he shall:
  • give a written notice to the person from whom he intend to take seeds;
  • take 3 representative samples and mark/seal/fasten up;
  • deliver one sample to the person from whom it was taken;
  • send another sample for analysis to the seed analyst; and
  • retain the remaining sample in case any legal proceedings are taken.
on the sale
of seeds of
notified kinds
or varieties:
The seed dealer shall carry on the business of selling, keeping for sale, offering to sell, bartering, or otherwise supplying any seed of any notified kind of variety unless:
  • such kind of variety of seed and the seed dealer is registered with the Board;
  • such seed is identifiable as to its kind or variety; and
  • such seed conforms to the standards of seed quality and the container of such seed bears, in the prescribed manner, the mark or label containing the correct particulars of those seeds.
Import and export of seeds: Any person can import or export seeds on condition that such seeds conform to the minimum limit of germination and purity, and that the container of such seeds bears, in the prescribed manner, the mark or label containing the correct particulars of those seeds.
Recognition of seed certification agencies of foreign countries: Upon recommendation of the Board, the government may recognize any seed certification agency established in any foreign country.
Penalty: It shall be punishable for any person to prevent a seed inspector from taking samples or from exercising his other power.
practical In groups, discuss the legislation of your country. What parts are important for you to comply with for the seed product of your organization?
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