Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Planning and management of seed production btn_backbtn_forward
Producing foundation seed from the breeder seed
To enable government organizations (GOs) and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) produce foundation seeds.
  1. Concept of foundation seed.
  2. Techniques in producing or multiplying foundation seed.
  3. Certification of foundation seed.

Concept of foundation seed

  • The foundation seed shall be the progeny of the breeder seed, or it can be produced from foundation seed clearly traceable to  the breeder seed.
  • Foundation seed is seed so designated by an agriculture experiment station.
  • Its production must be carefully supervised or approved by representatives of an agricultural experiment station.
  • It is the source of all other certified seed classes, either directly or through registered seeds.


Techniques of producing foundation seed

The production and processing techniques are the same as described in Modules 2 and 3,  except the following points:

  • Breeder seed is used for the production of foundation seed.
  • Foundation seed can be multiplied to meet demands, but should be clearly traced from the breeder seed.
  • Field observations should be made during the entire growing season to monitor the crop under field conditions. Plants must be observed in a detailed and systematic way. Frequent observations should be made from  panicle emergence to early seed development.
  • Rouging operation should be done carefully from vegetative to maturity stages to remove all possible mixtures before harvesting. Varietal mixture should be removed at flowering stage because it is very difficult when rice plants lodge particularly during wet seasons. All sorts of off-types should be removed to maintain varietal purity.


Certification of foundation seed.

Foundation seed must be certified by a Seed Certification Agency (SCA) (Lesson 6).

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