Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Seed biopriming

What is Bio-priming or Biological Seed Treatment:

Bio-priming is a process of biological seed treatment that refers combination of seed hydration (physiological aspect of disease control) and inoculation (biological aspect of disease control) of seed with beneficial organism to protect seed. It is an ecological approach using selected fungal antagonists against the soil and seed-borne pathogens. Biological seed treatments may provide an alternative to chemical control.


Procedure of seed Biopriming

  • Pre-soak the seeds in water for 12 hours.
  • Mix the formulated product of bioagent (Trichoderma harzianum and/or Pseudomonas fluorescens) with the pre-soaked seeds at the rate of 10 g per kg seed.
  • Put the treated seeds as a heap.
  • Cover the heap with a moist jute sack to maintain high humidity.
  • Incubate the seeds under high humidity for about 48 h at approx. 25 to 32°C.
  • Bioagent adhered to the seed grows on the seed surface under moist condition  to form a protective layer all around the seed coat. 
  • Sow the seeds in nursery bed.
  • The seeds thus bioprimed with the bioagent provide protection against seed and soil borne plant pathogens, improved germination and seedling growth (Figure).
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