Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Production of Rice Seed in Irrigated Environments


This module discusses the steps in growing rice seed from land preparation to crop maturity. Production of rice seed must be given special attention compared to normal grain production. The field operations for seed production are similar to grain production with additional techniques to ensure seed quality: seed that is pure, clean and viable.

During growth in the field, the rice plant requires special nourishment and more attention to produce a satisfactory harvest of quality seed.

The next module, Module 3: 'Production of Rice Seed in  Upland Environments', discusses how to grow rice seed in an upland environment. You need only study the module that is relevant to your environment.

Objectives After completing this module, you will:
  1. Be able to select the best crop establishment method for your seed production.
  2. Understand different cultural practices that guarantee quality rice seed.
  3. Be able to apply seed treatments that guarantee healthy seedlings.
  4. Be able to perform "rouging" effectively for pure and clean seed production.
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