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Quality Rice Seed

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Using "Quality Rice Seed"

For IRRI’s research to impact on the livelihoods of rice farmers, their families and rice workers, the research must be adopted by farmers. Adoption of new technologies is achieved through the work of Government extension, universities, NGOs and the private sector. Training is a vital part of technology uptake by farmers. IRRI has explored the use of e-learning to capture its training and make that training much more widely available. The purpose of IRRI’s e-learning is to make accessible high quality, participant-centered and activity-based training.

"Quality Rice Seed"  has been produced by a partnership between IRRI, AfricaRice and the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.

The benefit of using e-learning is that it captures not only the quality content but also the activities and assessment that engage participants with the content. This engagement with the content is vital to successful training. "Quality Rice Seed" can be used in many ways whether over the Internet, on standalone computers or printed copy. Importantly, the course can be used by trainers to develop face-to-face training that meets the specific needs of their participants. For example, courses could be developed from 'Quality Rice Seed' with content for:

  • A day-long training;
  • A three day course for seed growers;
  • A five day course for breeders, Seed Certification Agency staff, or extension officers;
  • A 10-12 day course for breeders, Seed Certification Agency staff or extension officers that also includes field visits.

"Quality Rice Seed" covers knowledge of "The importance of good seed", "Production techniques for irrigated rice seed", "Production techniques for upland environments", "Harvest and postharvest techniques", "Planning & management of seed production", "Production and dissemination of quality seed" and "Training for farmer seed production"... At the beginning of each module there is an introduction which describes the objectives of the module and gives an overview of the contents – read this carefully and decide whether the knowledge covered in the module is relevant to you. If it is relevant, you should study all of the lessons of the module. If it is not relevant, the module may be omitted.

As a user of "Quality Rice Seed" you must use all of the features of each lesson; especially the activities and assessment that will engage you with the content and make it relevant to your environment. Complete engagement with each lesson is important whether you work online, on a CD or with a printout of selected lessons.

"Quality Rice Seed" functions as a bridge between face-to-face training and the world of online e-learning. As the available IT infrastructure becomes more accessible, and as the skills and confidence of users increases, they can move from using the e-learning as a ‘script’ for face-to-face training, through blended mode training to full online training.

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