Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Welcome to the 'Quality Rice Seed’ course glossary.
This glossary contains definitions and explanations of all technical terms used in the course. The glossary is used in two ways:
Words within the text of the course marked in red, display the glossary entry for that word when the mouse is held over the word.
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Term Definition

To impregnate with a gas, usually air.


To impregnate with a gas, usually air.

alternate hosts

An individual or plant other than the main or preferred host upon which a parasite (or its spores, eggs, larvae, etc.) or a disease organism (pathogen) could live.


A bristlelike extension of varying length originating from the lemma of the rice spikelet. Present in some varieties.

block demonstration

A block demonstration is growing a single variety in a large area of up to one to five hectares. Its advantage is that farmers can see a large uniform area of a new variety. Its disadvantage is that it is expensive and, in some countries, preference is given to elite farmers.


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