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Quality Rice Seed

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About "Quality Rice Seed"

Research in all rice environments has proven that the better the quality of the seed used to establish a crop, the better the quality and quantity of the harvest - better seeds lead to larger and better harvests. Quality seed is important in growing profitable crops.

Quality seed is seed that is pure, clean and viable - it is of one variety only, contains no impurities and will germinate well when planted. The purpose of "Quality Rice Seed" is to provide the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to select, produce and handle seed in a manner that guarantees quality.

Research has been conducted on farms in many rice environments to determine the best production processes for rice seed. Research has also shown the best way to store and distribute seed. Quality seed for farmers starts with quality seed from rice breeders, involves careful seed production, and the selection of appropriate seed by farmers. With all of this valuable knowledge available, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) decided to collate the knowledge and make it easily accessible; particularly to the extension community and to farmers in all rice growing countries of Asia and Africa.

In November, 2008 a team of seed production and management experts was brought together at IRRI Headquarters in Los Baños to produce a course which would teach the latest rice seed production and management technologies. This team reviewed knowledge from the rice producing countries of Asia and Africa, and included the best, most relevant in this course. The course covers knowledge of ‘The importance of good seed’, ‘Production techniques for rice seed crops’ for both irrigated and upland environments, ‘Harvest and postharvest techniques’, ‘Planning & management of seed production', ‘Production & dissemination of quality seed', and 'Training for farmer seed production'.

The course is about rice seed production - it assumes that you are familiar with the production and post-production of a rice crop for grain.

The e-learning course is available for participants to study either online or on a CD-ROM. The course can also be used by trainers in NARES, civil society, universities and the private sector as a basis for their own teaching.

The development team was chaired by Dr. Noel Magor, Head of IRRI Training. This team was assisted with advice and additional information from partner NARES and IRRI projects.


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