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Requirements and Navigation for IRRI Knowledge Bank Courses

Recommended System Requirements:

Software: Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Version 3 or higher.

Plug-ins: Download and install Macromedia Flash Player 8 (or higher) and Adobe acrobat 6 (or higher) in your computer.

Some pages have video/audio files attached. It is recommended that you turn on your speaker or have a headset on.

Hardware: Requires 500MB of disk space and 1GB of memory.


All courses in the IRRI Knowledge Bank are divided by:

  • Course
  • Module
  • Lesson

Each course is shaped around the course's goals which are delivered through the modules' objectives.

Navigating the interface:



Jump bar - This is an example of a jump bar. Click the textbox to view the list of modules/lessons selection. To navigate to one of the module/lesson, simply select it from the list.

prevAndNextPrevious / Next lesson - Use these icons to move to the previous / next lesson in the course.

activityActivity - This icon indicates that there is an activity or group activy to be done.

smallVidIconVideo - Indicates that the link will play a video clip.

Strategy for e-learning

There are a number of ways to take a course from the IRRI Knowledge Bank. For example, if you are new to a course and its contents, it is recommended that you go through the course from start to finish by clicking the forward button that appears on each lesson. By following this guideline, you are guaranteed to receive the course content in the most logical order as determined by the IRRI Training Center and the course's subject matter expert.

However, if you:

  • have taken the course before
  • are already familiar with the course content
  • only interested in certain parts of the course

use either the Search button in the left side of the page to find specific information, or use the drop-down menu at the top left to navigate to individual modules and lessons.

Print pages

If it is easier for you to read printed pages than the computer screen, then print out some or all of the lessons for learning or review. This is accomplished by pressing the Ctrl and "P" key on your keyboard at the same time. Upon doing so (and if a printer is attached to your computer), the print dialog will appear. Make the appropriate choices in the Print dialog to print the page.

Tip for viewing course content in full screen mode

If you would like to see the content of the course displayed on your computer in fullscreen mode, simply press the F11 key on your keyboard, or, from the menubar in Internet Explorer, select View, then Full Screen.

The best screen resolution for viewing the course is 1024 X 768 pixels.

Begin the course If you believe you are ready to begin, click here to start the course.


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