Quality Rice Seed

Quality Rice Seed

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Quality seed is the foundation of successful rice farming. In this course you will learn the characteristics of quality seed and why using quality seed is the secret of improving your rice harvest. The course discusses where to get quality seed and how to grow your own quality seed. The course teaches the science, management and classification of rice seed.

During this course, you will understand all of the benefits of using quality seed and be able to track improvements in your rice harvest as you improve the quality of the seed you use as the starting point for your rice crop. You will learn why seed that is pure, clean and viable is the quality seed that is necessary to improved harvests.

By the end of the course you will understand how to efficiently grow rice  seed and manage the postharvest processes of harvesting, threshing, cleaning and storage to protects the seed's vigor and viability.

If this is your first time taking a e-learning course, click here for a description of the technical requirements and how to navigate through the course.

Click here to enjoy the adventure of learning about rice seed production and management.


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