module 02 Harvesting
 lesson 01 1 What is harvesting and why is it so important?
 obj 1 Describe the harvesting processes and their importance
What is harvesting?
Collecting the crop

harvestingLet's have a look at all the different operations in the post production system that fall under harvesting.

Harvesting is the process of collecting the mature rice crop from the field. It starts with cutting the crop and ends with cleaning the paddy and preparing it to be dried.



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Get maximum benefit

Why is good harvesting so important?

Harvesting at the right time and in the right way maximizes grain yield and minimizes grain losses and quality deterioration.



Connect the right term with the right explanation!

The different harvesting operations
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Now that you understand all the different operations of harvest we can move on to explain when you should harvest the rice crop.



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