module 02 Harvesting
 lesson 02 Why is it important to harvest at the right moment?
 obj 1 Explain when the rice crop has to be harvested
Good timing of the harvest is very important to get a high yield of good quality rice!
The best time to harvest grain is when:
Harvest at the right moment
  • the grain has 20-25% grain moisture content
  • 80-85% of the grains are straw colored and the grains in the lower part of the panicle are in the hard dough stage -> about 30 days after flowering.
  • the grains are firm but not easily broken when squeezed between the teeth.
  Too dry or too wet?
Wrong moisture content will give cracks

Why is good harvesting so important?

If the crop is too wet, there will be many unfilled or immature grains. This will give a low yield. Grain will also be more damaged during threshing because of the soft grains.

If the grains are too dry, they will easily get cracks and there will be more shattering loss. (This will be discussed later).




Potential consequences
What happens if you harvest too early or too late?

The following table describes the consequences of harvesting too early, too late, or when the crop absorbs moisture again from rain or at night:

If Then
harvesting is too early,
  • many immature grains ->less head rice yield and quality.
  • slender and chalky immature rice kernels ->big amounts of bran and broken grains
harvesting is too late,
  • many grains are lost due to shattering or drying-out
  • many grains are cracked during threshing
  • cracked grains break during milling
mature crop is left in the field and absorbs moisture,
  • grain cracking can happen
  • spoilage through yellowing
  • development of odors or bad smells
Look at the color!
Exercise: To check your understanding of when to harvest, click on the plant below that looks ready to be harvested

Next lesson

Now that you know when to harvest, you will learn in the next lesson the different methods of harvesting.



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