module 02 Harvesting
 lesson 08 Combine harvesting
 obj 1 To explain the functions of a combine harvester.
What is a combine harvester?
Do it all at the same time A "combine harvester" is a machine that "combines” several operations:
  • cutting,
  • feeding into threshing mechanism,
  • threshing,
  • cleaning, and
  • discharge of grain into a bulk wagon or directly into bags.

(Straw is usually discharged behind the combine in a windrow.)


  Why would you use a combine harvester?
Save labor When labor shortage occurs harvesting is usually the first post production operation that is mechanized. In India, China and Thailand the use of combine harvesters is rapidly increasing.

The combine harvester
Combine harvesters for rice come in different sizes, usually with tracks as undercarriage for increased mobility.

Examples of combine harvesters are the Thai combine and the Mini combine:

How does a combine work?
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By now, all the different operations of harvesting have been explained. In the next lesson, we will look at how you can keep losses at a minimum during these operations.



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