module 04 Storage
 lesson 01 1 The importance of good storage
 obj 1 Explain why good storage is important.
Rice storage facilities

Rice storage facilities can take many forms. The form of storage depends on:
  • the quantity of grain to be stored,
  • the purpose of storage, and
  • the location of the store.
Store rice un-milled! In general, it is recommended that rice for food purposes is stored in paddy form rather than milled rice. Storing as paddy is safer because the husk provides some protection against insects and helps prevents quality deterioration.

However, if rice is stored as brown rice instead of paddy, 20% less storage capacity will be needed.
A good storage system is:
  • free from moisture re-entering the grain after drying
  • protected from insects, rodents and birds
  • easy to load or unload
  • efficient in terms of space
  • easy to maintain and manage.

What is the problem of open storage in a tropical climate?
Rice absorbs moisture Rice grain absorbs moisture from the air around it. This means that in an open storage system the moisture content (MC) of the grain will eventually become the same as the MC of the surrounding air.

In many tropical countries, there is often a high relative humidity and high temperature. High humidity and high temperature contribute to high moisture content. This means that in many tropical countries the moisture content is too high to safely store grain in an open storage.

In other words, it is much better to store grain in closed storages, sealed off from the air. This is called hermetic storage.


Let’s repeat the safe storage conditions for grain
3 conditions for  storage You can safely store grain for a longer period if 3 conditions are met:
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Storage period depends on the moisture content of the grain

Need to store longer? Dry longer! Grain and seed stored longer than 3 weeks at moisture contents above 14% may experience the growth of molds, rapid loss of viability as seed, or a reduction in eating quality.

The following table shows the moisture content (MC) required for safe storage of paddy grain and seed.

Storage period Required MC for safe storage
2 to 3 weeks 14-18%

8 to 12 months

13% or less
More than 1 year 9% or less

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Now that you reviewed why good storage is important, let’s have a look at the different storage systems.



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