module 05 1 Milling
 lesson 01 1 What is rice milling?
 obj 1 Define the objective of rice milling

What is the purpose of rice milling?

-->The basic objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the bran layers to produce white rice for consumption.

White rice that is safe to eat should:
  1. be sufficiently milled
  2. be free of impurities such as dirt, weed seeds, and stones
  3. have a low number of broken grains.(see picture on right)

"Total milled rice", includes the head rice, the whole grains, plus the broken grains, 'brokens'

broken rice

Most rice varieties have approximately:
  • 20% rice hull
  • 11% bran layers, and
  • 69% starchy endosperm, or total milled rice


Milling: Going from paddy to white rice

 From paddy 


to brown rice first or



straight to white rice

seedprocess21. Rough rice or paddy rice

Rice as it comes from the field. Rice kernels are still protecting the hull. You can not eat rice like this

2. Brown rice or husked rice

The least processed form of rice. The outer hull is removed, but the bran layers that give it a characteristic tan color and nut-like flavor are still there.

Brown rice can be eaten but it has a chewier texture than white rice. Cooking time of brown rice is longer than milled rice

3. Milled rice or white rice

White rice, or rice after milling which includes removing all or part of the bran and germ from the rough rice.


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In the next lesson you will learn about the different milling systems.


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