Materials for trainers

The goal of these materials is to help trainers teaching the different modules. The materials consist of:

  • Reference manuals
  • Fact Sheets
  • PowerPoint Presentations


The following materials can be used to teach the Post production course:
 Module  Reference Manual Fact Sheets Powerpoint
 Module 2: Harvesting  Harvesting manual Harvesting Systems
When to harvest?
Cutting the crop
Combined harvesting
Measuring harvesting losses
 Module 3: Drying Paddy drying manual Paddy drying systems
Sundrying methods
How to sundry?
Fixed bed batch dryer
Flat bed dryer
Re-circulating batch dryer
How to use a dryer?
Paddy drying systems
Drying basics
Dryer descriptions
Dryer components
Module 4: Storage Grain storage manual Grain Storage
Grain storage systems
Hermetic storage systems
Storage capacity
Insects in storage
Insect management
Fungi in storage
Rodents in storage
Rodent management
Rice storage
Pest management
Module 5: Milling Rice milling manual Rice milling systems
Modern rice milling
Rice milling
Module 6: Measuring Rice Quality Grain Quality manual
Seed quality manual

Rice quality

Paddy quality
Measuring physical quality of paddy
Measuring moisture content of rice
Varietal purity

Physical quality of milled rice
Measuring white rice quality
Chemical characteristics of milled rice

Seed quality
Seed certification
Measuring seed germination
Measuring seed lot purity
Measuring varietal purity
Seed definitions

Rice quality


For more (training) materials on the post production of rice, please visit IRRI's  Rice Knowledge Bank