Determining the Physical Characteristics of Paddy Rice
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Question 1
Grain dimension and 1000-grain weight are measures of what quality characteristic of paddy?

moisture content
varietal purity
the amount of dockage present in the
        sample - degree of purity
the percentage of cracked grains
the percentage of immature grains
the percentage of discolored grains
Question 2
The purity of paddy is determined by the amount of __________ present in the sample.

Check all that apply.

Weed seeds
Question 3
The optimum moisture content of paddy prior to milling is 20-24%.

Question 4
The oven drying method provides the most reliable measure of moisture content?

Question 5
Measuring grain dimension to test the varietal purity of a sample is necessary because having a mixture of varieties in a sample __________?

Check all that apply.

reduces milling capacity
causes excessive breakage
reduces the moisture content of the grain
lowers milled rice recovery
reduces head rice yields
Question 6
If the 1000-grain weight of a sample is lower than the published figure for that variety, it may mean that the sample has a large proportion of immature grain.

Question 7
'Yellowing' is caused by over-exposure of the paddy to wet environmental conditions before it is dried. This results in a combination of microbiological and chemical activity that overheats the grain and can cause fermentation.

Fermented grains are undesirable because

they affect milling yields
they cause wear and tear on the
        milling machinery
they reduce the moisture content of grain
they give the milled rice an
        unattractive appearance
Question 8
Not all published national standards for paddy use the same set of characteristics.

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