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Germinating Seed

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When the seed germinates in well-drained and well-aerated soil, the coleorhiza, a covering enclosing the radicle or primary root, protrudes first.


Fig. 1 - The coleorhiza protrudes first.

Shortly after the coleorhiza appears, the radicle or primary root breaks through the covering.


Fig. 2 - Radicle or primary root breaks through the covering.


Two or more sparsely branched seminal roots follow. These roots eventually die and are replaced by many secondary adventitious roots.


Fig. 3 - Seminal roots

If the seed germinates in water, the coleoptile, a covering enclosing the young shoot, emerges ahead of the coleorhiza. The coleoptile emerges as a tapered cylinder.


Fig. 4 - Coleoptile emerging as a tapered cylinder.