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  • Weeds of wheat in South Asia
  • How to use the leaf color chart
  • Direct Seeded Rice (Tamil)
  • Non Puddled Mechanical Transplanting of Rice (Tamil)
  • Weed Management Strategies to Reduce Herbicide Use in Zero-Till Rice–Wheat

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Welcome to the information site for Cereal Systems Initiative of South Asia (CSISA). CSISA is a collaborative project that promotes sustainable agricultural technologies in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

This site is a resource database for extension agents and farmers to access information, fact sheets, and training materials on resource conserving farming practices. The site and materials are available in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, and Nepali.

High Yielding Cultivars for Direct Seeded Rice Poster

High Yielding Cultivars for Direct Seeded Rice

Direct Seeded Rice Poster

Direct Seeded Rice helps reduce cost of labour and water use efficiency

Conservation Agriculture (CA) based crop solution Poster

Conservation Agriculture (CA) based crop solution increases cropping intensity and annual profitability

3 key principles of Conservation Agriculture Poster

3 key principles of Conservation Agriculture: Minimal soil disturbance. Retaining crop residue. Diversified crop rotation.

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Conservation Agriculture (CA) uses three key principles:
    • Minimal soil disturbance which is essential to maintaining minerals within the soil, and preventing erosion and water loss.
    • Retain organic surface cover allowing for the growth of organisms within the soil that will act as fertilizer with the surface organic matter to prevent erosion, cut down on weed competition, and hold soil moisture content.
    • Rotate crops with more than 2 crop species to break the insect and weed cycle and keep soil healthy.
    Conservation agriculture:
    • Requires less labor
    • Promotes timely planting
    • Improves soil health
    • Is adaptable to all farm sizes
    • Saves time
    • Saves money
    • Saves water


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