Capacity Development

Development Capacity (Beta)

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Use of the Module

Each module starts with an introduction page which includes module heading, objective and a scenario brief. The scenario brief includes the usability and reference to the project as source of idea or as a potential client. In some modules additional items of information headings used: introduction, framework, conceptual flow to elaborate on a particular emphasis of the module.

All sixteen modules are independent but are sequenced following an order. Some of them have cross references as they complement each other. In most cases it is expected that they will be used as independent but they can be used in a group as well. The projects/ programs may pick up their modules of choice to fulfil a particular demand of the project at a particular context and stage of the project/program. They may decide to adjust the content to match specific need.

The users are requested to communicate as they make adjustments and their version of the module which then can be incorporated into the module with proper verification.

New examples and tools used successfully in a training/workshop can be added/adjusted as real life examples and innovative tools used in a particular context. Case studies outcomes (reports, papers etc.) based on the use of modules can also be communicated so that they can be included as examples in the module.