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module_09 Women Leadership in Agriculture
Background The training is designed for interested future women leaders in agricultural research and development having explicit interest to be involved and work with women in agriculture. The approach used here is women for women. Through this training the women professionals would learn skills that would enable them better understand women issues and equip them with tools and confidence to work with women farming community better. The module attempts to identify issues of women farming community by talking with both men and women, understand the nature of agriculture in which women are involved, the role of women in  agriculture, the nature of social environment within which women operate, understand women’s priorities and designing research and extension activities accordingly. Such an experience would provide potential women leaders in agricultural R&D adequate exposure to women issues and prepare them to be able to handle complex issues in the future. 

The module aims to develop an approach so that after training the fellow participants and resource persons can continue to be in touch with each other as an organized forum/learning alliance while they are in the field. The forum could be formed with all participants attended the leadership training in the past and include whoever is coming in the future. They together could continue to take the forum forward. 

The idea is to consider all these women as potential resources for agricultural R&D, who would lead women-led and women for women research and extension activities. They would accumulate experience over time working with women, address their challenges, and would try addressing these issues individually or organizationally. At times these women would require discuss issues, raise questions, share experiences that would need other people’s opinion, especially from their fellow women development activists or action researchers. They could plan to explore ideas collectively in different parts of the country with different organizations and share those results to learn from or to improve upon on those issues further. They together or independently could develop and implement projects with or without external support. A forum could give them such opportunity. 

The forum could primarily agree to work on a couple of objectives that they would think crucial in the field of rice research & extension; there could be a minimum set of agenda for the forum to address on an annual, quarterly or seasonal basis; all participants could be the members of the forum; members could have some activities (R&D) to share and to follow in the forum.
obj Helping participants to understand gender issues by interacting with rural women, and where possible with men engaged in farming to plan and to implement projects/programs for women. This also aims to help these future women leaders in agriculture to learn about basic analytical tools to take up research and development initiatives based on real life issues of rural women.

The framework:


Scenario Projects interested in women taking lead in agricultural R&D, gender issues and mainstreaming gender and committed to capacity building of women, both professional teams and farmers, could organize such training. Agricultural reserach and development actors that look for equitable impact and sustainability could also organize such training to widen the views of women leadership. 
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