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module 07 Facilitating Participatory Training for Primary Stakeholders
Traditional mode of training assumes one-way communication approach for training and never recognized the fact that farmers or field extension workers also have knowledge trancended through generations of practical experience. Instead of starting with the assumption that the trainees do not know anything this approach of participatory approach starts from the wealth of knowledge that farmers/field workers already have. This also provides scope for the trainer to learn from the experience of the trainees
obj To ensure that the farmers/primary stakeholders are treated as the most knowledgeable group of people engaged in the enterprise for generations. Any undermining of this group can cause damage in the learning process and can affect the relationship. To ensure emphasis on what they already know and make sure that the facilitator build on it. This also ensures that the identification and addressing of gaps as recognized by primary stakeholders become the basis and entry point for the facilitator while conducting a training.
Scenario Projects that have mandate to train primary stakeholders (farmers), presently using traditional approach of training but interested to improve the effectiveness of the training by adopting adult learning method could use this approach.
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