Capacity Development

Development Capacity (Beta)

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Participatory Logical Framework Development
Participatory approach of formulating a logical framework challenges the widely used existing top-down approach of formulation of logical framework for projects and programs. This provides advantage to the team to avoid the risk of becoming a logical framework often very quickly in the beginning years of a project as most of the time such formulation fail to capture the actual practical interface of project/program
obj To develop capacity of the project team to enable them to develop project/intervention logical framework on a participatory and learning oriented manner. This is to equip the project team to show an alternative to an expert (M&E specialist) led approach, intends to generate every possible information on a participatory basis by interacting with potential actors involved in a project/program and where possible with the primary stakeholders.
Scenario Almost all projects need such a process. In case projects do not have or need one, the approach could help projects to articulate project objectives/expected outcomes better.
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