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Participatory Project Proposal Development
Facilitating a research proposal development process involve a number of important elements; right partners need to be involved, right people representing each stakeholder/partner need to be interacted, right mind-set need to be adopted to understand problems/issues under discussion; the process needs to ensure that the people involved are able to formulate their objectives, strategies and plans properly. The facilitator also needs ensure that the people involved understand the links between these aspects of objectives, strategies and plans and are able to predict activities and are able to forecast resources (human, social, financial, political, physical etc) requirements properly.

Entry point: this can take place once initial stakeholder analysis and problem prioritization is done.

obj To develop capacity of the project team to enable them to develop project/intervention proposal together with key stakeholders.
Scenario Such a process oriented activity would help partners to articulate project proposal better. The process could be used for improving an underdeveloped plan. The process could help to bring missing farmer/partner perspectives into the proposal. It could also help improve an already existed proposal or could help merge with another proposal to come up with a new. IRRI-PETRRA project (1999-2004) had practiced such a process.   
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