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Research/Intervention Issue Identification in an Agriculture Project
Research or intervention issues identification can be done in many different ways according to the scope of a project/program. In some cases it can be from secondary sources: policy paper, expectation of a politically important person, previous project paper, previous study result etc. But sometimes it can be open and there would be scope for generating ideas either by the team of experts/extension workers/researchers or by directly interacting with the primary stakeholders. The latter opens up the opportunity for a demand-led issues identification for research/intervention.
obj To develop capacity of the project team to be able to identify appropriate research/intervention issues for a project.
Scenario This module may be useful for projects where there is flexibility to accommodate and follow a systematic process for reserach/intervention issue identification at project designing or at implementation stage. IRRI-PETRRA project (1999-2004) had such flexibility.
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