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Establishing a Cereal Knowledge Bank
Pakistan Scenario IRRI training centre inspired Pakistan to think developing a Rice/Cereal Knowledge Bank for Pakistan by using the opportunity and resources that have been introduced by the CSISA project. IRRI did not want to take any initiative unless the Pakistan counterpart takes an enthusiastic initiative to start activities in support of such effort.

Importance of rice is well documented in the PARC website but it was revealed that they did not develop any knowledge repository on rice or any other cereal crop so far. The establishment of the proposed rice/cereal knowledge bank could be a pioneering example for Pakistan and a breakthrough. Among the cereals the position of rice is the second to wheat according to importance. Developing a knowledge bank on rice/cereal would help Pakistan to think about similar knowledge repository for other cereal and non-cereal crops which will ultimately help boost up national production and income.

Countries do not have such a knowledge bank could think of establishing one using the module.

obj This module aims to facilitate the process of establishment of knowledge bank where previously such repository did not exist. It involved a series of steps that can facilitate a visionary process towards the establishment of a complete knowledgebank in the future. The process starts with an experience sharing from IRRI and in other countries as they developed rice knowledge bank already.
Scenario Any project/country interested in packaging and dissemination of knowledge innovations on major agriculture enterprises could organize such a training workshop.
The Logic Flow of Knowledgebank development



Knowledge Bank steps Steps suggested here should not be followed as a linear process in every country. Depending on the context the steps and items of activities need to be adjusted. The sequence has been conceived on the basis of experience elsewhere and some of it on common sense logic. There may be some other useful/important steps that are missing here could also be considered. The ones that may not be considered as useful here could be excluded.
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