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mod16 Seed Network Development Introductory Workshops

The module aims to introduce the issue and the importance of forming a national seed network to a group of people from cross section of agencies - government, private and non-governmental. Learning from the experience of other countries where seed network has been developed and gained years of experience successfully is used to facilitate learning of the host country actors. Resource person from experienced country provides presentation on their experience and indicate critical issues that needs to be taken care of by the host country. The host country organizes the workshop with support from the existing project/program that intends to facilitate the process and invites critical participants that need to be involved as active partners in the intended network. Depending upon the availability of time and resources the program can be designed for 1-2 days.
Nepal Scenario 2011 Nepal has an informal rice seed network. NARC Institute responsible for rice maintains genetic resources and through government network produces foundation seed. Private agencies and NGOs are allowed to produce certified/truthfully labelled seed but not the foundation seed. There are efforts by government, through program and subsidy, to produce seed through community-based organizations. All such actors are active in their own area of expertise and operation but among them there is not enough interaction and no concerted effort at national level to get benefited from each others experience and assistance. STRASA project of IRRI has its contacts and activities with a number of such agencies and through experience has learnt that good interaction and coordination among all such active partners in the form of a national seed network could be instrumental for all actors to get benefited from each other and could ensure a sustainable production and dissemination of quality seed (mainly breeder seed) throughout the country. STRASA recognized the value of experience of Bangladesh national seed network led by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and wanted Nepal to get benefit from the experience.
obj To assist projects/programs to systematically approach seed network development activities at the national level by linking all potential actors including local level   
Scenario Projects having strong commitment on seed technology dissemination and are committed to sustainability could organize such training workshops. STRASA, USAID Seed, Community Seed Bank Project could be potential clients for such training.
The conceptual flow of logic of SeedNet Workshop  LogicalFlowSeedNet
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