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module 15 Facilitation Skills Development for Extension Workers

Most training programs use traditional one-way communication approach to train extension staffs. They are only trained on technical issues nothing on training approach. In turn these trained extension staffs use similar content and approach to train farmers. Such approach of training is not very often considered as interesting for farmers. Presentations are mostly lectures. It does not capture farmers' experience or knowledge. They do not know how to make use of farmers' existing knowledge to create enthusiasm among farmer participants.

This module aims to bring extension workers into a participatory mode of learning exercise with their farmer clients. The assumption here is that farmers already have knowledge of farming as they are doing it for generations and they know their agro-eco system better than anybody else. It is very difficult for them to shift to new farming practices introduced by people from outside. The only way to encourage farmers to learn new knowledge is to learn about their existing practices and discuss on those aspects as extensive as possible. Then to identify gaps in their practices where new knowledge could be introduced for them to practice. The whole approach needs to be participatory. Extension workers need to know about how farmer participatory learning environment can be created and sessions can be conducted. They need Facilitation Skills to create and manage adult learning environment more effective.

obj The module includes two sub-objectives: 1) to unlearn the traditional mode of conducting training to the farmers; 2) development of participatory training facilitation skills among extension workers to address farmers' knowledge gap.
The Framework Extension workers need to unlearn their existing practice of conducting farmer training in order to be able to use participatory approach. They need to learn new skills of facilitation so that they are able to encourage farmers in an adult learning environment. The key area of focus of this module is the Facilitation Skills Development for the Extension Workers.
Scenario Projects having strong farmer training and extension component and are willing to make such training and extension effective, productive and impact oriented could organize such training for their extension staffs. Projects having strong belief on farmer knowledge and are willing to change capacity development style would be appropriate client for such training.
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