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module 13 Partnership Assessment: Case of CSISA-Digital Green, India
Forming partnerships and the use of partners for implementing projects and programs are important but it is also important that such partnerships are reviewed and assessed periodically to understand their effectiveness, potentials limitations and risks and the context in which they are successful or failed. This module was developed on the basis of the pilot video-led extension partnership experience that CSISA project and DigitalGreen acquired during 2011-12 in Bihar. The attempt was to learn from the experience and use such experience for deciding on the future course of action.
obj Learn lessons from ongoing video-led extension partnership activities of CSISA and DG in Bihar and utilize the lessons in the next round of partnership activities for the CSISA project and for partners within their respective organization.
Scenario This module presents an example of a framework of assessing the effectiveness of partnership which could be used for assessing similar other partnership activities with some adjustments in the methodology. The key was to use a participatory approach where all parties were involved with equal status and they together produced a joint report in the end. This element needs to be maintained at the center of the assessment strategy in similar future endeavors.
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