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module 12 Partnership Development Training Workshop
Partnership development is an essential element for projects that have objectives and targets require multiple actors working closely to complement each other to achieve those targets within a stipulated timeframe. Compatibility, willingness and interest to work together for achieving a project objective set the foundation of partnership relationship. But much more need to be explored and streamlined to agree to a partnership. Actors need to understand each other’s strength, limitation, experience and mode of work. They need to set terms and conditions to create mutual accountability system and need to explore the source of resources and their optimum use to meet the requirement of activities that are planned for partners to pursue for a project. To be able to reach to a meaningful and workable partnership all such aspects need to be understood and agreed upon using a systematic process by concerned actors. This event would require active participation of senior management team members from all potential partners spending time to analyze issues in the field with farmers and among participants of training workshop.
obj To facilitate a co-learning approach through which a project context is analyzed and used for partnership development. It also to help the project team members and potential actors' teams to work out terms of reference of the partnership they both would like to achieve. This also aims to help the team to identify the link between the needs of the primary stakeholders and the way those needs need to be addressed.   
Scenario This module was prepared with the assumption that there is already a project running but the project team is struggling to find a way out to start partnership activities. The team does not seem to know where they could start. The project has a number of technologies that they want to disseminate among farmers but is not clear where they could take it and which and what kind of partner could be appropriate. The challenge that is anticipated to be addressed here is to link the need of a technology among the farmers and to find out partnership port-folio that could address such need with their existing experience and management capability. This approach aims to avoid the culture/notion of sub-contracting in the name of partnership and wants to invite actors as partners to participate and co-develop programs together with the project. CSISA project in Bangladesh was used as a case here.     

The conceptual flow of logic of Partnership Development Training Workshop



The framework
  • VIPP
  • Matrix Analysis
  • Flip Chart Writing (classroom)
  • VIPP
  • Venn Diagram (classroom exercise & in the village with farmers)
  • VIPP
  • Enterprise Web Diagram
  • (classroom exercise & with farmers & partners)
  • Planning Matrix
  • (classroom with partners)


Program, Expectation List, Situation Analysis, Program

Partners, their role, relative importance, coverage, status Partners, activities, their inter-relation, roles

Who, What, When & Resource need


Partnership Contract (with partners) Summary matrices of partner specific components (with partners)


Logical Framework; Budget; M&E Framework Identification, category of partners; ToR; & planning

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