Rodent Management - Post productive phase

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  • Clean up around villages and grain stores.
  • If possible, grain stores should be raised off the ground and have rat guards fitted on the wooden supports. (Pictures available.)
  • Make sure there are no trees with branches that give easy access to the roof of a grain store.
  • A rodent-proof grain store must have NO openings greater than 8 mm (mice) or 14 mm (rats).
  • DO NOT use poison in houses and grain stores—use locally made kill-traps instead.

Generally, the rats that invade grain stores and houses are not the same as those living in the rice fields. Therefore, effective rat control in fields may have little effect on rodent damage to stored rice. The exceptions are species of the Rattus rattus complex—in some countries, such as Lao PDR and the Philippines, these animals are pests in both fields and grain stores.

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