Nursery management

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Plant population and seedling age

For a mat nursery density of 3000 seeds per square meter and above, the ideal transplanting age is around 10 days (or 4-leaf stage), to avoid competition. Also, early transplanting at 10 days allows a smaller nursery area, even if density is high.

For conventional nursery, transplanting can be done later, up to about 21 days after sowing (or 7-leaf stage), but a larger area should be used to allow a seedling density lower than 1000 seeds per square meter.

Reducing the time seedlings spend in the nursery from 20 to 10 days (seeding at 3000 seeds per square meter in the nursery) can increase yields by as much as 1 ton per hectare.

There are two choices in establishing seedling nurseries: Reduced Area Wet-Bed Nursery and Modified Mat Nursery.

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To see the details of Modified Mat Nursery, click here

Modified Mat Nursery

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